BMR Bliss Go Pack

As women we have a harder time losing weight and burning fat. BMR Bliss takes a woman’s chemistry into account and is the only female specific fat burner on the market that truly works! Burn more fat, boost your metabolism, cut cravings for sweet and salty foods, and even boost your mood! And with the entire BMR Bliss Go Pack you will find the added benefits of boosting your thyroid, thanks to Thyro-Drive, and you’ll put your body in an optimal fat loss environment 24 hours a day thanks to Downtime PM!

Why take a fat burning supplement meant for men when you can take one that targets the areas that women put on weight?

BMR Bliss Go Pack

BMR Bliss Go Pack

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BMR Bliss takes away my cravings

I have always been health conscious but recently I’ve fallen into a rut where I just can’t lose my last 5-10 pounds. I work out all the time, but it those pesky pounds wouldn’t go away. I decided to try the BMR Bliss Go Pack and since then I’ve lost that 10 pounds and it…

healthy food actually sounds good

I was just about to give up on dieting all together when a friend of mine let me try her BMR Bliss Go Pack she had just purchased and was raving about. I was definitely thinking it was too good to be true, but I must say after only taking them one week, my energy…

getting into shape & feel great

I’ve never been much of a gym dweller. I have two kids, a full time job, and I live about 30 minutes away from the city. Fitness wasn’t much of a priority for me and after my second child, it started to really show. I went in and got a BMR Bliss Go Pack after…

I’m down 67 pounds

The BMR Bliss Go Pack is something I would suggest to about any girl looking to get in better shape. I’ve been taking the BMR Bliss Go Pack for a year now and it’s completely changed my outlook on fitness. I used to think I could never look like girls I see in my oxygen…